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Turning Today’s Challenges into Future Opportunities - Greg Gunther ft. on Organize Chaos Podcast

Greg Hunter was featured on Chris Ronzio's podcast, organise chaos

In this roundtable discussion, Greg speaks with Chris Ronzio, Founder and CEO of Trainual and host of the Organize Chaos Podcast. This episode is all about transforming the current challenges in your business into future opportunities.

Greg spoke about all the macro challenges that are going on in the world, whether it's wars, markets economically not being where they are, inflation, supply challenges, people resigning, and changing jobs.

All these things can feel like a lot of pressure for our businesses, so how can business owners react to that pressure, and how can they see the silver lining or the opportunity that pressure or these macro challenges create?

According to Greg, it's a mindset shift. Take a listen as he talks through some really specific examples of why some of those challenges have become real opportunities for him and his clients and how they can be for you as well. 

Watch the full episode here:

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