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  • A business performance dashboard that provides real-time KPI monitoring and visualization has been implemented.
  • Team members are now receiving their performance reviews in real-time instead of 1-3 months behind. This new feedback enables them to take action immediately.
  • This new business dashboard has removed stress from the owner and helped release anxiety and frustration for team members.

Chiropractic Plus Group Story

When Director Simon Atkin started the business 27 years ago, he was a health economist and track and field sprinter. His time in chiropractic and massage clinics gave him insight into what health professionals could do better for athletes. So he took it upon himself to provide a better service.

The journey wasn’t all smooth for the team at Chiropractic Plus, particularly for business owner, Simon. He learned first hand that running a business is far from easy. But he persevered.

<strong>Simon Atkin</strong><br /><span class="uk-text-small"> Director, Chiropractic Plus</span>
Simon Atkin
Director, Chiropractic Plus

The Challenges

“The reservations I had before talking to Greg and Joshna were, like most business owners who've been in the game for 27 years, I just wondered what someone else could bring to the table within an industry that's fairly specific - the health industry, the chiropractic, and massage industry. I wondered whether they would be able to help bring us to the next level and have that level of expertise.” 

1. Needing support to scale the business

After achieving steadiness in the business, Simon decided to expand Chiropractic Plus to additional locations. But he wasn’t really clear with how to go about it. 

With only four practice managers in the clinic and the lack of cohesion amongst the team, Simon, the Director of Chiropractic Plus, was having difficulty taking the business to the next level.

A trusted contact recommended that he chat with Greg Gunther and Joshna Daya of Your Business Momentum. Simon had some initial reservations. 

2. Delayed performance reviews

Simon had a problem with his performance reviews. They were too late because he was manually collating data, which often meant that he was presenting information one to three months behind. 

As a result, it was too late for the practitioners to solve problems raised in reviews as they had no way of knowing until long after the fact.

The Solution

Simon needed someone who could help his team work on their values and clarify the steps necessary to achieve their goals. 

He wanted to get out of the day-to-day running of their business, equip his team with new tools and strategies to take action, and create a successful and growing business. 

This was when Chiropractic Plus decided to approach Your Business Momentum

Getting clear on business goals

Greg and Joshna of Your Business Momentum first worked with Simon on clarifying his company’s goals.

“One thing that I really love about the way Greg and Joshna operate is they help you get clear on your goals. We had our goals in our head, but having them written down - a clear ten-year goal, five-year goal, three-year goal, and short-term goals - is excellent. 

Also, having a plan organised in advance on how to get to achieving those goals has been really beneficial. We have regular leadership meetings with Greg and Joshna, and they help us keep on track towards achieving those goals.” 

Implementing a Business Dashboard to Monitor and Visualise Performance

To implement better planning and management, Chiropractic Plus needed to have a thorough grasp of their business-critical drivers, such as tracking KPIs in the clinic and using real-time business data effectively. 

The team at Your Business Momentum designed a business dashboard for Chiropractic Plus to track KPIs, metrics, and other fundamental data points relevant to the industry.

With the help of data visualisations, the dashboard simplified the complex data sets and provided at a glance the awareness of the business’s current performance.

“It's taken a lot of stress away from the business to be able to look at how the business is performing the previous week, the previous month, the previous quarter. It's one of those things, particularly when we didn't know how we were performing. We could track small things about the business, but we still had a sense of doubt. Having this dashboard has been a perfect tool, to be honest.” 

How has Simon’s team responded to the new performance dashboard, real-time performance reviews, and accountability?

“Now that the dashboard has been implemented, the practitioners feel like they are part of the solution rather than being part of the problem. Being able to track real-time how they’re performing, it’s allowed them to make real-time changes in what they do.”

What's Next for Simon?

Simon has a renewed passion and focus for his business, and he’s excited at what the future holds for Chiropractic Plus. 

“What I look forward to most in the next 12 months is just seeing how Chiropractic Plus grows. We're in the process of expanding and building another purpose-built practice. And to be honest, without Greg and Joshna’s help and without having them as part of our team, I wouldn't have as much confidence moving forward. If I've got any doubts or if I'm second-guessing a decision that I'm making, to be able to call Greg and Joshna and just bounce things off them is wonderful. So I'm looking forward to just every day moving forward and being happy at work.” 

More than A Dashboard Provider, a Real Partner

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