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Define, embed and reinforce your company culture

Your company culture is guided by your core values, which should underpin everything you do in your business and what you stand for. 

Often the core values of a business may reflect what you as the owner stands for, and your own personal beliefs and attitudes. Over time, as your business expanded, your values may not have ever been officially shared with your team. 

Given the importance of core values to the culture, team and overall business, it is vital to have these values clearly articulated and understood. These core values can often be described as the guiding light in your business. This allows for all members in your team to ensure that they are living your business values and helps to ensure you create a positive culture in your workplace. 

How core values impact your employees

Do you find it difficult to find and retain the right people? Have you recognised that your business culture isn’t currently something that you’re proud of?

Having clear core values in your business can also be an important factor that will help you to recruit and retain the right people. 

By ensuring that all team members buy into your business values, this will ultimately be reflected in their performance on the job, and their overall mindset and attitude within the workplace.

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What does the core values workshop cover?

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What core values are and why are they so important to your business.
  • How to identify these core values and specifically, help you to create the core values for your business.
  • How to bring the core values for your business to life with your team.

Who is the culture and values workshop for?

The core values workshop is for you and your team if:

  • You’re looking to build a workplace culture where people want to come to work and enjoy being there
  • You’d like to have people who speak highly of your business even if they’re no longer employed by you
  • You’re looking to grow your business and team, and want to learn to attract and retain the right people
  • You’re looking to align your team with a culture that is lead and managed by your business values
  • Your company values are already established, but are yet to be rolled out through the business effectively or haven’t yet been integrated into processes such as recruitment, performance reviews, recognition and reward programs.

Check Out What Our Clients Have to Say

Check Out What Our Clients Have to Say

"Joshna and Greg have offered our business an opportunity we had spoken and dreamt of but never had the time, capability or tools to reach. They have made the end goal a reality and kept our entire team of over 30 staff accountable, on growth and sharing the same vision/goals/values. We can't wait to see how their ongoing support is going to help our business reach new success goals."

Maddy Smith

"Greg and Joshna are engaging. They gave us the opportunity to think about our approach with a different perspective. They taught us new skills and showed us how and where to use them. "

Kelly Conley

Joshna discussing on his clients

Ready to improve your business culture and create your own set of core values?

We can help you bring your company core values to life. Create clarity on your core values and bring your team together towards a strong sense of purpose and meaning at work.