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Veena Christina Dabu

Operations Implementer

Veena Christina Dabu
Veena Christina Dabu

Veena developed a profound appreciation for the value of hard-earned money during her two-year tenure abroad, a deliberate step outside her comfort zone in the Philippines. This experience cultivated in her a strong sense of responsibility towards the tasks assigned to her, compelling her to execute them with utmost efficiency.

Commencing her professional journey as an Operations Support Specialist at YBM, Veena diligently refined her skills, specialising in the accurate and timely delivery of client reports. Taking a significant stride forward, Veena embarks on her new role as Operations Implementer, a position integral to ensuring the seamless execution of operational processes and upholding client service excellence. This transition provides her with an opportunity to further leverage her capabilities by collaborating closely with the rest of the YBM team to execute various operational initiatives, projects, and improvements.

In her leisure moments, Veena actively engages by attending concerts whenever possible, finding a balanced outlet for her interests outside the professional realm.

Get to know
Veena Christina Dabu

  • Favourite Business Thing
    Learning effectively while working efficiently with the team and clients.
  • Favourite Sports Team
    DLSU Lady Spikers Season 74-78
  • Best Holiday Ever
    September and October 2019 - Went to Boracay and Singapore with my family.
  • Hobbies
    Playing with dogs, attending concerts, watching K-dramas, and playing online games
  • Proud Moment
    After 19 years, I came back to the place where I was born and worked there for 2 years - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Favourite Movie or Book
    Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks
  • Life Goal
    Make myself available for my family and friends.
  • Favourite Quote
    Have courage and be kind.