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Local Media Shows Its Support For Local Authors

Business owners Troy Parsons (Podiatry Hive) and Greg Gunther (Your Business Momentum) each have quite a story to tell. From hitting rock bottom, both personally and professionally, to building themselves back up while forming a genuine friendship, Troy and Greg have experienced dire situations that many people often find themselves in. They knew their experiences, lesson learned, and stories could help and inspire others, so they collaborated and wrote, Feet First.

Released in 2017, the pair say the supportive response they have received to the book has been amazing. In February, Troy and Greg where interviewed on The Creative Corner by Ocean Reeve (Watch video, 13:55)

Then, earlier this month (March 2018), Toowoomba’s local paper, The Chronicle got behind the story and showed their support by publishing an article on their Books page. The Chronicle, which is read by 35 per cent of the Toowoomba population (more than 15,000 residents), has allowed a whole new audience to discover the personal journeys behind Feet First.

In the article, Troy and Greg share the book’s origin and their motivations for writing it. “I had to share my story, not as a boast, but because I know too many people are where I was … and they don’t have to be.” – Troy Parsons.

“My own journey has shown me that there is no such thing as failure; failures are only lessons waiting to be learned.” – Greg Gunther.

To read more about how Greg and Troy, two ordinary Aussie blokes, have overcome adversity to achieve success, download the first chapter of Feet First for FREE from the Podiatry Hive website.  Hard copies of Feet First are $24.95 (RRP) and are available online at

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