Shaping the New Momentum

two guys talking outside while wearing a mask

As talk of easing restrictions amplifies and moving forward with business operations appears on the horizon, what do you think will be our new momentum?

  • Will businesses choose to continue to work remotely and adapt their current culture to extend to remote teams?
  • Will we be more open to using technology, especially in our communications?
  • Will we make changes to our systems and processes to fix the flaws shown during the lockdown?
  • Will we, as a society, be sustainably more thoughtful and compassionate?
  • Or, will we at some point in the post-pandemic future, return to business and life as it was before?

As we work closely with businesses over the past weeks over Zoom and phone, we see that business leaders now have a better sense of what can, and cannot, be done outside their organisations’ usual processes and business operations.

Yes we acknowledge it was a rough couple of months, but many people are now beginning to appreciate the speed with which their businesses can survive and adapt once they change how they do things.

One thing is for sure - the future will not be what it used to be.

A recent McKinsey article shares 7 things that businesses must consider as we transition to a new ‘normal’. And we thought these elements provide a good framework for you to potentially structure your future thinking as well.

Watch as Greg shares his thoughts as we plan for the new momentum.

Ultimately COVID-19 has forced us to be mindful of our pace and the possibilities for innovation in business. Yes we’re still in the eye of the storm and our current conditions require a calm response. But to be our best in the face of uncertain times, there are so many ways we can adapt what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it.

We do not claim to be experts in pandemic prediction, and we’re not sure how long it will take for us to return to any type of normal.

But we’d love to hear how you’ve overhauled your ‘safety nets’ - not only in your business, but how things have changed in your community and for you personally too.

There's no magic here. You will need to work hard to make things happen - whatever your new normal will be. The good thing though? There’s help available if you need it.

Let’s pivot, change and move forward to the new momentum, together.

We’re looking forward to seeing you thrive in a brighter post-COVID ‘normal’.

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