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Getting the Monkey Off Your Back

Today we will be talking about our 5 top tips to getting the monkey off your back. As a business owner, you understand how valuable your time is.

Do you find your team coming into your office or you joining a meeting and you're the one that walks away with all the actions? What we're going to share with you today are some handy tips to make sure that doesn't happen going forward.

The first tip is to encourage an environment of self-sourcing, getting your team to personally find the solutions to the problems that they are facing. Initially, it may be easier to solve their problems for them, however you create a significant rod for your back if this becomes an expectation.

The second one is for you to encourage an environment where your team not only bring you their problems, but they also bring you the proposed solution as well. This way you can hand that problem back to them to ensure that they take ownership.

The third tip is to give your staff the space to do their job. A lot of times we see business owners who want to control everything, they want things done the way that they would do it.  Our suggestion is to give your team the space required for them to complete the task the way that they want to.

 The fourth idea today is to outsource everything that you can. This could be your emails administration or HR, but let's remove the things that you can from your daily tasks so you're focusing on the things that you’re passionate about and that add the most value to your business.

The last tip is to systemise everything that you can in your business. Getting strong processes and documenting these, is the key requirement to enable someone else to take ownership of your tasks.

These are the 5 tips for removing the monkey off your back.

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